BayRoc Drywall
Steps to Success

Steps to Success

Bayroc Drywall is able to complete all jobs in a timely and efficient manner by using a simple yet effective process that is applied across all projects, big or small:

  1. Estimate – A service professional arrives on site to inspect, measure and take photos to determine an estimated cost and timeline.
  2. Site prep – The site is inspected to ensure adequate blocking, bowing studs and any other elements that may create potential issues.
  3. Buying materials – Final measurements are taken and required materials are ordered for the customer.
  4. Drywalling – The drywall is measured, cut and hung in place. Electrical and plumbing considerations are precision cut with a router.
  5. Taping – Special tape is applied to the seams to reinforce the compound and keep it from crumbling out when dry.
  6. Mudding – Thin coats of mud are applied to areas with joints or screws to achieve a flat, surface.
  7. Sanding – The area is then sanded down for a smooth, premium finish.
  8. Cleanup – We remove all waste materials to an onsite refuse location and clean up the work area.
  9. Inspection – The completed work is presented to the homeowner or contractor client for sign-off.

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